Why so many people choose plastic bumper? Here is the truth!

    Today and we discuss a security issue that is closely related to us, that is car bumpers!


auto front bumper

auto front bumper

    The car bumper (auto front bumper) is used to absorb the impact, in the impact of the buffer play to ensure that the impact of passengers by the smaller and more secure.


    But now a lot of people who own a car have doubts: compared to the previous steel bumper, why now the bumper all the plastic material? Will security hit the buckle?


Misunderstanding about car Bumpers:


    On car bumpers problem, the discussion should be focused on Japanese cars. Many people feel that Japanese cars are thin, and the car bumper is also thin, hard to hit!

In fact, from the body structure point of view, the role of the bumper really is not used to impact. Its most important role is to absorb the impact, the impact of the shock.

I’ve ever seen a Nissan GT-R that bumps into the bumper, and the bumper is full of bubbles. But in fact, this design can be very effective to absorb the impact, and the body after the impact can still maintain the integrity of the body frame, this is the focus of the impact.


Why should we use plastic car bumpers (auto front bumper)?


auto front bumper


    In the early years, the car bumper is made of the metal material, the use of steel stamping and body welding together. But this bumper has a very obvious feature, that is ugly, but also can not be refurbished, really worry about those who face the appearance of the owners. So in order to be more beautiful, while ensuring the protection of the premise of the manufacturers replaced the plasticity of the plastic material, and the plastic bumper is generally made through the mold, the production costs and efficiency have significantly improved. Even after the collision, the plastic bumper is easier to recover, eliminating the complex repair process of steel.


Advantages of plastic bumper (auto front bumper):


    Compared to steel bumper, plastic bumper cushioning ability is better, passed to the body of the impact of smaller. The most important thing is that the plastic bumper on the pedestrian damage to a lot lower, reduce the casualty when the car accident. The steel bumper because of its lack of flexibility, in the collision will make pedestrians more damage, this time even a very low speed of the collision are likely to cause serious damage to pedestrians. But also in the quality of the weight of the bumper compared to the steel to a lot of light, it is in line with the current direction of lightweight construction, more in line with market demand. So that plastic bumper, not our eyes so cheap, it is not the manufacturers in order to cut corners, but in order to adapt to the market from the product of the times.



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