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One of the many questions people often raise is: Where did the name Jeep come from? Many believe Jeep names can be traced back to the 1930s comic strip image, a rather naughty slender creature named Eugenie Jeep. Eugene Jeep likes running around, witty and adept at dealing with all sorts of sudden dangers and repeatedly saved – just like a jeep.

According to others, “Jeep” sounds like a bird’s voice and is derived from the name of a quarter-tighter US Army reconnaissance car – the first of two English word “GPs” of “universal function” Continuous reading effect. Jeep, because of its legendary history and loud and easy pronunciation, many people know it, and even many people use Jeep as synonymous with SUVs, thinking that all SUVs can be called jeeps. Misunderstanding of Jeep’s name.

Jeep is a SUV brand, belonging to Chrysler’s Jeep company. Its products are Wrangler and Cherokee. Among them, the original Wrangler’s classic car was designed by the then Bentham designer Carl Probstab at the request of the U.S. military in World War II. Wrangler was launched in 1962 four-wheel-drive off-road vehicles, which inherit the outline of the Jeep prototype car was designed on the basis of a spacious body, new modeling, flexible operation, powerful, adaptable advantages.

JEEP car meaning is the meaning of the English Jeep, DaimlerChrysler company also produces off-road vehicles, the name of the company JEEP. The off-road refers to off-road performance of the car.

On June 27, 1940, an unusual incident occurred in the history of the automobile: the U.S. government invited 135 car factories to compete with each other to design and produce a flexible and robust all-wheel-drive military vehicle. The driving force of this car was three times that of its class at the time, at a speed of 65 miles per hour.

The name of the car, GP, is an abbreviation of GENERAL PURPOSE, pronounced in the same breath as an all-encompassing small bird in the comic strip created by the American cartoonist Stryker in 1937 The “Jeep Jeep” sounds very similar, so American soldiers called the small SUV “jeep.”

In June 1944, “Jeep” cars became known as “Jeeps” as the Americans crossed the Atlantic Ocean to participate in World War II and allied forces landed in Normandy.

According to another legend, as early as 1934, people put a specially equipped drilling oil well truck called “Jeep”. The whereabouts of Jeep names is still a topic of public debate. However, there is no doubt that jeep marks have survived for decades despite many changes in companies and markets. Its trademark rights and global recognition are sufficient evidence of this. The following are the history of Jeep over the past few decades, Jeep’s inheritance, cars and trademarks.

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