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    We, Tengye Technology Co., Ltd. are leading supplier of Plastic Seedling Trays. We are engaged in offering the finest quality Seedling/ Germination Trays. The plastic used in manufacturing of Plastic Seedling Trays is of high grade that ensures high durability and tensile strength. Clients can avail Plastic Seedling Trays from us at the leading market prices.


plastic seedling trays

plastic seedling trays


Seedling Trays turn Tree Seed into Seedlings, with the help of Fertiliser.
Benefits of Using
Seedling TrayBenefits of Using Seedling Tray
100% Germination of Seedling
The Roots of Seedling grows to its Optimum size.
Seedlings grown in trays are Strong, Sturdy, Healthy & disease free.
Handling of Crop is easy. Root is not disturbed.
More than 50% saving in use of Water & Fertilizer.
More Productivity in less Space.
Easy for handling and transportation of Crops.
Save Times and Money.


Quality of Seedling Tray Quality of Plastic Seedling Trays.


We Provide Seedling trays of the best quality that are rugged, reliable and robust.
The Seedling Trays are made of Virgin UV Stabilized material.
We have a wide variety of sizes to suit all your needs.
The Seedling trays are available in disposable and reusable type.


A Plastic Seedling Trays are a specialized General Storage for Seedlings.

Each seedling tray you build adds 150 to the max storage for seedlings.

Like the general storage all seedling trays are connected, so seedlings created in one tray can be collected from another.

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