How to choose roof boxes for your car?

1, Selecting roof boxes is the primary consideration of product safety. Where the focus on product safety of the brand will sell the product for rigorous testing and obtain the relevant certification, the current more authoritative product safety testing certification standards are mainly German TUV certification, through the certification of products can make consumers around the world to buy , But the current through the certification of the brand mainly to foreign brands.


roof boxes


2, Pay attention to the maximum load capacity of roof boxes. Carrying capacity ultimately depends on the design of the roof carrying capacity, it is recommended not to overload. Ordinary roof box carrying weight is generally 50kg, and high-quality roof box carrying weight up to 75kg, which is the roof box industry’s highest carrying capacity, compared to the ordinary roof box, carrying capacity increased by 50%, for Professional outdoor users, the gap of 25kg can have more freedom to carry, for the roof box, there is a qualitative difference.

3, Pay attention to compatibility with the roof rack. This depends mainly on the fixed way with other roof equipment, mainly fixed with the roof frame.

4, Pay attention to wind resistance wind noise. More and more riders concerned about the process of wind resistance wind noise problems, wind resistance will increase fuel consumption, but also bring wind noise.

5, Contrast the appearance and shape. With their own car is the overall coordination, color matching.

6, Be clear about their own purposes. If you use roof boxes purely for the work carried, and hope to carry the space the better, then the space is large and practical more suitable for you. If you are looking for fashion, that fashion and beautiful more appropriate, and consider the match with the car.

7, Anti-theft, shock and other human design. Including the design of the lock cylinder and the key is reasonable? Assembly and installation is convenient? Whether the loss of installation? Anti-theft performance?

8, Selecting the key to understand the parameters. Brand, price, cost, material, fixed way, the use of noise size, aesthetics, size, load weight, security lock, external size to adapt to models.


roof boxes

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