How to choose the best cover for your favorite car

Car is essential travel tools now people commute every day, but people driving a beloved car travel every day, every month in order to beloved car cost a lot of maintenance costs, but for the sake of love, money is also a certain, but in fact people driving a car travel every day as long as the chosen for their car’s trunk lid, such, can let own beloved car every day as beautiful as newly bought car every month can save a lot of maintenance of the cost of the car!Have you picked up the car cover for your favorite car?Do you know how to pick the cover for your favorite car  Selecting a custom car cover might seem like a daunting task. After all, the top two car cover manufacturers alone (Covercraft and Coverking) make more than a dozen custom fabrics. How do you choose which is best?

There are several factors to consider:

Where you park

How frequently you use your vehicle

The weather conditions in your area

What color fabric that’s best for your vehicle

Consider Where You Park and Frequency of Use

Where you park and how frequently you use your car, truck or SUV is a good starting point for making your decision. Choosing a cover for a daily commuter versus a hobby car is completely different. Likewise, if you garage your car at home or park it outside, you have different decisions to make.

How to choose the cover for your favorite car

If you park your daily commute vehicle outside and want to cover up every day, your best choice is a lightweight outdoor car cover. The lightweight cover makes folding and storing much faster and easier. The lightest outdoor car cover made is the Covercraft WeatherShield. It folds to the size of a light sleeping bag, yet it offers very effective, mild weather protection.

If you park outside in a crowded area or where children play, an extra layer of protection will be beneficial. For these situations, an Evolution or Noah car cover offer superior protection and just a bit more storage bulk. The benefit is that the thicker, heavyweight Evolution and Noah fabric offer exceptional ding and scratch protection.

If you garage your daily commuter and want to keep it covered for protection against kids and pets, a lightweight indoor car cover is perfect. The two easy choices are the Satin Stretch car cover or Dustop car cover. The reason is they are super soft and very light, so putting it on and taking it off is a cinch.

If you need an indoor cover for your hobby car (classic, antique, hot rod, or Sunday driver) then choose a slightly heavier fabric, like the Tan Flannel or Form Fit. These covers are designed to block more dust and offer a bit more padding for extra protection. They are super soft and pamper the paint finish.

Consider the Weather in Your Area

Where you live should also be carefully considered when choosing an outdoor cover. Covercraft and Cover King both develop their own materials to handle different climate and weather conditions.

For example, coastal areas along the Pacific, Atlantic or Gulf Coast require a car cover that can protect from and withstand salt air. This is where the marine-grade Sunbrella car cover and the WeatherShield HD car cover come into play. If you live within a mile of the coast, these covers offer the best defense against salt damage.

In wet areas of the country, including the Deep South and Pacific Northwest, require water resistance. This isn’t as easy as it may seem. The cover fabric must be able to keep the water out, and at the same time it needs to breath. That’s where the Noah car cover and StormProof car covers really shine. Both of these fabrics offer premium wet weather protection.

How to choose the cover for your favorite car

In hot, dry, sunny climates, like the Desert Southwest, rain and snow are the last of your worries. What you need here is a blanket of UV protection. The cover must offer reflective properties to protect against photo degradation and keep down the heat. This is the exclusive domain of Sunbrella car covers. The Sunbrella fabric blocks more UV light than any other.

Consider a Color w/ the Best Protection

We’ve talked about parking conditions and weather conditions, and now there’s one more factor to consider, and that’s the fabric color. It might seem that color choices are available for our personal preference, but that’s not really the case. Fabric color has a lot to do with outdoor protection.

In sunny, warm weather climates a lighter colored fabric is essential for outdoor protection. Silver offers the best reflective qualities. The QuickSilver car cover and Evolution car cover both come in soft colors for sunny conditions.

If your vehicle is a light color then choose a cover with a light color. A light weight cover with a bright colored fabric may bleed UV energy. In this case the ideal option is a light colored cover like the Block-It 380 or even the Noah car cover. If you insist on color coordinated style, the WeatherShield car cover and StormProof car cover come in a rainbow of fantastic colors.

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